Objects of Comfort, New York Times Magazine, March 2014

As part of Key, our mini­magazine on real estate and design, we asked
seven designers to tell us about the most comfortable things they own.

KELLY WEARSTLER (interior designer and former host of the
television show “Top Design”): Terrazza sofa by Ubald Klug for de
“There’s a playful aspect to these pieces. You can position them at will
and crawl all over them. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the leather is
sumptuously soft and the design proves comfort can be sexy. If I have a
spare moment, I love to recline here with a stack of magazines.”

MARC THORPE (product designer for companies like Casamania
and Quinze & Milan): Zero chaise longue by Nolen Niu
“The Zero chaise is like a piece of art in our home, but it’s also
probably one of our most-used pieces of furniture. The kids can sit on it
and comfortably take a nap. I personally enjoy reading emails or watching
movies while lounging on the chaise as much as I enjoy looking at it.”

JASON MILLER (furniture designer and founder of Brooklyn
lighting brand Roll & Hill): Pollock Executive Chair by Charles
Pollock for Knoll
“At my desk, I use a Charles Pollock desk chair in brown leather.
Thanks to the overstuffed aesthetic of the time (1963), it has more padding
on the seat and back than most contemporary chairs. Also, the tilt
mechanism is balanced really well, so it’s comfortable both while upright
and while leaning back.”

JOHANNA GRAWUNDER (designer for companies like Flos, Glas
Italia and Boffi): Tivoli PAL radio
“I drag this little radio around with me all day long, from studio, to
kitchen, to bathroom and back to studio. I love to listen to the radio. The
little patter of news/talk radio is often my background music when I don’t
want music. It is a pet.”

GEORGE YABU (co-founder of the hotel-and-retail-design firm
Yabu Pushelberg): Karuselli Chair by Yrjo Kukkapuro for Artek
“This chair is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in. It’s
made up of an interesting hard fiberglass shell that’s covered with leather
and only a thin foam pad. To look at it, you’d think that you wouldn’t
really want to spend much time in there, but when you sit in it, you never
want to get out.”

JOE DOUCET (designer for companies like B.M.W., Target and
Gucci): Mark Table by Marc Thorpe for Moroso
“Marc Thorpe gave me an early prototype of this side table as a
housewarming gift for my country house. I found it so beautiful and useful
that I bought the production version for my city apartment. It nestles into
my sofa and provides the perfect surface for my laptop during my daily
hour of evening work.”

KELLY BEHUN (interior and furniture designer): Lampada
Poltrona by Luigi Caccia Dominioni
“I adore this reading lamp. It’s so versatile and has a lovely soft glow.
Also, it’s on a weighted leather strap and can be moved around to
wherever you are. For me it feels like someone is nestled just over my
shoulder, holding a candle for me to read by.”


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