Object Lessons, W Magazine, September 2014

mosquedaWhen Moss closed its doors in 2012, the SoHo design mecca left a void in New York’s aesthetic landscape. Now a former Moss acolyte isattempting to fill it—albeit using a very different approach. Founded by Juan Garcia Mosqueda, who assisted Murray Moss for a year and a half, Chamber—a new boutique in Chelsea—offers a highly curated selection of limited-edition objects. But rather than act as a one-man vetting committee, Mosqueda, 26, plans to hand over the aesthetic keys to the shop every two years to someone new. “I felt it was more interesting to involve various perspectives on collecting,” he says. “If it was only my vision, I’d probably get bored after a couple of years.”

As a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mosqueda was obsessed with Droog and with Dutch design in general, so he asked Studio Job to put together the debut collection—60 percent of which has been specially commissioned for Chamber. The famed Dutch duo compiled a roster of mostly Netherlands-based talents, from stars like Maarten Baas and newcomers like Dirk Vander Kooij, whom Mosqueda approached to create objects of all kinds. The Amsterdam studio Formafantasma, for example, has contributed Raw, an oil-and-vinegar set made from natural horn and glass by an artisan in Vienna.Mosqueda believes the boutique will be right at home in the neighborhood, where art collectors prowl the gallery scene. “Chelsea has a slower pace than SoHo,” he says. “People there tend to focus more on the pieces and take the time to learn about them. The stories behind each object are what matters to me—and sharing those stories.”


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