Sight Unseen December 2009
Artist’s Proof: The piano — an upright, the kind you see in the back of saloons in Western movies — had been gathering dust at the antique shop for years. It sounded like hell, and its tag said $300 the day Sebastian Errazuriz saw it, which struck him as a bargain considering he had zero intention of playing the thing… (read more)

Manhattan December 2009
Space Invaders: It’s probably just a coincidence, but some of the most seminal moments in the history of Creative Time—the New York City nonprofit foundation for commissioning public art—have happened on a beach. In 1978, it was the empty sand dunes that would eventually become Battery Park city… (read more)

T Men’s Fashion Fall 2009
Seeing Is Believing: The first time Luc Tuymans exhibited in the United States, in 1994, he showed a painting called ‘‘Tracing,’’ depicting an embroidered bouquet of flowers. Simple, pleasant enough — until you learned that the pattern was taken from a chair in which someone was brutally murdered. Typical Tuymans… (read more)

The Moment Blog July 2009
Now Hanging | Minneapolis: Peres Projects gallery takes an
abstract approach to the summer group show

Art + Auction July 2008
Beach Scene: Hamptons summer art fairs

T Design Fall 2007
Moving Pictures: Chanel’s Mobile Art Container