Sight Unseen November 2009
Studio Visit: For more than three years, Argentinean sisters Sol Caramilloni Iriarte and Carolina Lopez Gordillo Iriarte kept a studio on the second floor of a building in Barcelona, handcrafting a line of leather bags in relative privacy. Sol, 32, was a set designer for films; Carolina, 25, had just finished a year apprenticing under the shoemaker Muñoz Vrandecic… (read more)

T Men’s Fashion Spring 2009
What Would Jesus Wear?: At Bernhard Willhelm’s spring show, there was the usual assortment of men’s-wear oddities — things like feather headpieces and Shakespearean culottes. So it’s understandable that the designer’s new, relatively understated line of footwear sneaked by undetected… (read more)

Nylon Feb 2007
Tiny Dancer: A new museum show celebrates Kylie Minogue,
whose life, evidently, is art